Ken Chen                                                                                                                         

源源 (yuányuán) is a large-scale mechanical giant panda commissioned by Vanke for outdoor public events. Thanks to the built-in mechanism and software programs, it can interact with people through performing movements such as shaking the head, twitching ears, blinking eyes, and walking. The body is carried and driven by a four-wheel suspension system, which gives an illusion of walking motions as the driving speed is synchronized to the leg movements. The goal of this project is to create entertaining experiences for the audience in specific sites for special events held by Vanke.

H.4m  L.4.5m  W.8m
Material: Fiber glass, Carbon fiber, Aluminum and stainless steel structure, Steel tubing chassis

Urban Research Institute of China Vanke
Team: Ken Chen, Boheng Chen, Jianwei Wang, Yao Lu