Ken Chen                                                                                                                         

Ply is a task chair that supports the user to sit in upright position. This project is base on the beauty of void-less plywood edge and exploring new ways of crafting traditional joinery. The seemly floating seat creates a focal point, which reveals the intriguing three-way joinery in crosshatch pattern underneath. The cantilever structure gives the seat some flex. For additional comfort, the seat and backrest are subtly concave.

The legs and stretchers are made of void-less baltic birch plywood. Each stock is made of layers of 12mm thick plywood. To offer a sturdy and durable structure, the layers are cut individually and carefully put together to create seamless connection.

H.81cm  L.42cm  54cm
Seat H.46cm
Material: Baltic birch ply wood

Class project under the guidance of Asher Dunn