Ken Chen                                                                                                                         

Cube is yeedi’s new robot vacuum series capable of both vacuum cleaning and mopping. The robot features a detachable water tank that carries 1 liter of water, offering long-lasting and efficient mopping before it returns to the station. After the robot returns, the charging station automatically collects the vacuumed dust from the robot and washes the mopping pad. In general, robot vacuums are known for routine cleaning but there are many occasions when people need to only clean a specific spot. The handlebar on the top of the robot highlights its spot-cleaning function, allowing the users to easily carry the robot to clean a specific spot without getting their hands dirty.

The product is expected to be on the market soon. Here is a link to their website that with a much more thorough product introduction:

inDare Creative Group
Team: Ken Chen, John Zhan, Vivian Wei, Siting Lin