Ken Chen                                                                                                                         

The project involves transforming a generic triple-decker house in Boston’s Dorchester neighborhood into an artist residency, a tribute to Bell Hooks’ legacy. The building’s dual-facade design creates a unique response to its dense urban environment. On one side, it preserves the traditional features like the shingles and window placement. In contrast, the opposite side features a gable roof, moving away from the conventional stacked appearance, thus initiating a dialogue between the dense urban surroundings and a serene, cabin-like retreat. The residency comprises three interconnected buildings forming a cohesive perimeter visible from the street, embracing the site. The first two floors house residential spaces, while the top floor is occupied by studios and galleries that benefit from abundant natural light. A gallery hallway connects the top floors, and a ground-level verandah leads to a peaceful outdoor space, blending the urban setting with a quiet communal area.

Institution: Harvard Graduate School of Design
Course: Core I - PROJECT
Project: P03 - Ordinary, Except
Instructor: Hyojin Kwon
Year: 2023