This is a selection of renderings where I visualize form and proportion and document ideas.

3. 11. 18

Stand is a bold yet delicate side table design constructed from laser cut steel sheet. The round top and centre pieces come together with the square base to create a light yet stable visual harmony.

11. 25. 17

Float is an incense holder that reveals a levitation illusion to create visual lightness. The steel base is heavy enough to hold the incense in place, while the removable spun aluminum cap is light enough to hold the fallen ash. The soft form and the radial texture elevate a calm sensation.

11. 13. 17

Bent is a set of table top accessories including a pen cup, a cord box, and a magazine file. Each object is bent from one piece of sheet metal, revealing the effortless aesthetics and familiar shapes. Following the same language, the three items create a sense of harmony in proportion and visual hierarchy.

10. 28. 17

Parallel is a minimal standing fixture that consists of a mirror, a wooden tray for holding small objects and the structure itself for hanging coats. The structure borrows from the simple geometry of a parallelogram, in which the main functions of the piece overlay without completely blocking each other.

10. 09. 17

Held is a candle lighter concept. To celebrate the ritual of lighting and putting out a candle, the lighter can also be used as a snuffer. The snuffer part allows the slim body of the lighter to stand on a table surface.

09. 25. 17

Corrugate is a wall hook design that mimics the character of corrugated walls. The repetitive 45 degree bends create a rhythmic pattern, while making the structure strong and practical.

09. 12. 17

Wedge is a modular hall rack system that consist of a strip of folded aluminum and modules made of rubber. Other than keeping the modules in place, the aluminum piece also serves as a shelf for letters or other flat items. While giving your coats a lift, the rubber module can be also used as a door stop.

07. 24. 17

Number one is a minimal table lamp that can also be carried around like a flashlight. It stands like a heroic statue, keeping its head up and facing forward, lightening up the darkness ahead.

07. 10. 17

Lean is a compact wall clock made of a single piece of aluminum from simple cuts and bends. The round top relates to the shape of round clock, while having a center point for hanging against the wall.

05. 18. 16

Duo is a minimal faucet design that takes inspiration from intersection and repetition of simple shapes, with a mix of soft and sharp corners. The handle and the spout share the same contour. The soft edge radius of the handle indicates comfort for hands.

04. 12. 16

OT is an electric fan with a modern design that borrows the iconic form of a fan guard. It oscillates around the base, and pivots on the T-shape frame.